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Founded in 2016 by Neha Goyal, BeingHappyMom.com is trying to solve the parenting issues faced by mothers worldwide.

A quick story from Neha’s pen

Hi, I left my job to enjoy motherhood life when I conceived my first baby in 2011. We were on a long term work assignment in Seattle, USA. We were thrilled yet afraid because we were alone, far from our family. There was no one in the foreign country to help us during pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum care. I learned how to manage everything with the support of my husband.

I subscribed many parenting newsletters, blogs, bought books, and took the delivery and labour classes. Internet played a vital role when I had no clue about parenting and child care.

After 4 years of parenting, I decided to share my experiences with the world through BeingHappyMom.com

I have written on the topics of getting pregnant, taking care during pregnancy, baby food and health care, getting back to shape post-pregnancy, development of toddler, schooling of kids, organic food and home remedies.

Fast forward in 2022, I am busy with my 2 kids now. My son is 10 years and daughter is 4 years. Now BeingHappyMom is handled by many writers who are experts in parenting, nutrition, lactation, diet and medical.

Content Review Board 

There are some parenting stories directly written from personal experience of moms and some content written by experts. Our editorial staff reviews all the content to make sure every story is authentic, unbiased and provide relevant information to readers.

Disclaimer: We are not medical experts. We share parenting personal experiences only. Kindly consult a medical practitioner for any health related advice.  

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