My Motherhood Journey

Hi, I am Neha Goyal, a face behind the BeingHappyMom. We have a 5.5 years old son who has made our life blissful. We did a lot of changes in our lifestyle after becoming more conscious about parenting. We stopped doing the stuff which we didn’t want our son to do.

Children are the great imitators so give them something good to imitate.

Now, we are practicing the conscious and organic lifestyle, following the alternative education system for our son.  We believe in the philosophy of spending the money on life experiences rather than life gadgets. We love to go on long vacations to explore and experience the different cultures, people, and places.

For me, parenting is all about learning the things which worked for your baby. When you become a mother, your baby doesn’t come with a guidebook of “how to hold him, how to feed him, how to make him sleep or how to calm him down when crying”.

A woman learns how to handle her baby naturally when she becomes a mom

By Education, I am a computer graduate and worked as the web developer in an IT company in Gurgaon for 5 years. I was not very happy with routine 9 to 5 job but could not quit because of lack of savings. After my marriage, we had to move to the USA because my husband got a long-term work assignment in Seattle, USA. I left my job with a lot of questions and doubts about my career.

I conceived during our stay in USA. We were thrilled yet afraid. There was nobody in the foreign country who could help us during pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum care. We planned to call someone from India to stay with us but then we changed our mind and decided to manage by ourselves. My husband was my only support system.

That was the time when I started reading on parenting. I subscribed many parenting newsletters and bought book “What to expect when you are expecting”. We even took the delivery and labour classes to learn more about delivery issues. Internet played a vital role in taking care of our child in a better way.

I received so much help and support from online mom community that inspired me to share my own parenting experiences with the world through BEINGHAPPYMOM.

Parenting is a beautiful phase of life and there is nothing like “You can’t manage alone”. If we can manage by ourselves, you can too.

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