13 Best Home Remedies to Get Periods Immediately 2022

Planning a weekend trip? Afraid of periods? Don’t worry!

Even though many tablets available to induce periods, there are much more home remedies to get your periods faster which is easily available in your household. Those are followed by centuries. It is always a good practice to choose natural ways to rectify any kind of health issues than taking medicines immediately, which can heal our body as well as keep us healthy.

Best Foods to Get Periods Immediately

Here is a list of best foods to get an early period which is available in your kitchen or from surroundings or from a nearby market.

Fruits to get periods immediately

#1. Papaya

Papaya is usually recommended by doctors when women have menstruation irregularities. Unripe and semi-ripe papayas are known for triggering uterine contractions that can help you get your periods immediately.

Carotene, which is present in papaya is an ideal substance to stimulate the production of estrogen in the body which helps to induce early periods. Also, eating papaya on a regular basis can regulate the menstrual cycle.

What you need

Unripe or semi-ripe papaya – 3-4 slices

What you have to do

Eat the papaya slices or make papaya juice and drink daily until you get your period.

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#2. Foods Rich in Vitamin C

Vitamin C doing a great job to increase the estrogen levels in the woman body, thereby foods rich in Vitamin C can help you to get the periods earlier. Why we recommend is, the increased estrogen levels can lead to high uterine contractions that can lead to early periods.

What you need

Green Vegetables like Broccoli, Spinach, Bell pepper, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, Fruits like Kiwi, Guava, Orange

What you have to do

Include all these foods in your daily diet when you are counting the dates for your period.

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#3. Pineapple

Pineapple can generate heat in your pelvic region which will increase the uterine contractions thus increasing the chances of an early period.

What you need

Fresh Pineapples – 1 cup

What you have to do

Include a cup full of fresh pineapples in the lunchtime. Also, make fresh pineapple juice and drink daily when you are due to your periods.

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Best Herbs and Spices to get periods immediately

#4. Turmeric

Turmeric is an emmenagogue which means it helps to stimulate blood flow in the uterus, results in an early period. Also, it will generate heat in the pelvis, a reason behind uterine contractions to induce periods.

What you need

Turmeric Powder – 1 teaspoon

Hot water- 1 glass

What you have to do

Mix the turmeric powder in the hot water and consume this mixture on a daily basis preferably start taking 10-15 days before the due date of your periods.

#5. Ginger tea

Ginger is a yet another powerful emmenagogue which stimulates the menstrual flow. This herb can increase the heat around the pelvis, thus promoting the contraction. You can even consider having ginger juice or ginger tea when you need a relief from the cramps and pain you experience during menstruation, which works well.

What you need

Ginger extract- 2 tablespoon

Honey – 1 teaspoon

Tea powder – ½ teaspoon

Hot water – 1 glass

What you have to do

Make ginger tea with the ginger extract, honey, tea powder and hot water and drink on a daily basis in the morning on an empty stomach. You can even consume it in the form of fresh ginger juice adding honey to the ginger extract for a week before the actual periods.

#6. Asafetida

Asafetida is known for its warming properties. This widely used herb helps to release hormone progesterone thereby helps to induce periods. It also helps in the proper functioning of female reproductive organs.

What you need

Asafetida – 1 pinch

What you have to do

Consume a pinch of asafetida mixed in water on a daily basis to get your periods faster.

#7. Parsley

Parsely is one of the best herbs which has been used for centuries to induce periods. It has two substances in it to increase the uterine contractions, Apiol and Myristicin, results in the menses faster than the expected date.

What you need

Dried Parsley leaf – 2gm

Water – 150ml

What you have to do

Boil the parsley leaf in 150 ml of water and consume thrice a day. The total intake of parsley a day should be 6gm of dried parsley leaf. You can even make a parsley tea and can have twice a day.

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Best Seeds to Get Periods immediately

#8. Carom seeds

Carom seeds or Ajwain is an Indian origin herb which helps to add flavor to our dishes as well as acts as a health supplement, especially for women. It helps to treat irregular menses as well as to induce menses. It also helps to get a relieve from menstrual cramps.

What you need

Carom Seeds – 1 tablespoon

Jaggery – 1 teaspoon

Water – 1 glass

What you have to do

Boil water with carom seeds and jaggery. While you wake up in the morning, consume it in the empty stomach.

#9. Sesame seeds

Sesame seeds are heat producing seeds which can increase the uterine contractions and thereby helps to induce the periods.

What you need

Sesame seeds – 1 teaspoon

Hot water – 1 cup

Honey – 1 teaspoon

What you have to do

You can eat fried Sesame seeds on a daily basis before 10-15 days of your expected periods. Consume 1 teaspoon of sesame seeds with hot water twice a day or else 1 teaspoon of fried sesame seeds with honey 2-3 times a day.

#10. Fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek or Methi seeds are recommended by experts for early periods. These seeds can also be used to get relief from your menstrual cramps.

What you need

Fenugreek seeds – 1 teaspoon

Water – 1 cup

What you have to do

Drink the boiled water mixed with the fenugreek seeds every morning prior to your period days.

#11. Hot and Spicy Food

When you eat hot and spicy foods, it will raise your body temperature thereby chances to increase uterine contractions. This will lead to early periods.

What you need


What you have to do

Have spicy foods which can surely prepone your monthly date.

#12. Raisins with warm milk

Raisins are known to treat fertility issues. It is good for improved blood circulation. The combination of raisins and milk can help to induce periods.

What you need

Raisins – 1 teaspoon

Warm milk – 1 cup

What you have to do

Boil the soaked raisins in warm milk. Drink this mixture every night before sleeping, prior to the due date of your periods which results in early periods as well as helps to treat fertility issues.

#13 Dates with milk

Dates provide a lot of health benefits to the woman. Regular intake of dates can treat the tiredness and anemia during periods time. It has the properties to increase the count of red blood cells.

What you need

Dates – 5 No

Milk – 1 cup

What you have to do

Boil the milk soaked with dates. Drink this mixture every day before your periods which will induce your periods.

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Exercises & Yoga to get early periods

Practicing exercises and yoga on a regular basis provides you with a fit and healthy body less prone to illness and diseases. Certain good exercises and yoga asanas will really help you in achieving early periods.

  • Squats – Squats target the core, thighs, and butt. It can stimulate your abdominal and pelvic muscles. This results in uterine contractions and thereby early periods.
  • Crunches – This exercise aims to work on your abdominal muscles which in turn stimulates the uterine walls helps to arrive your periods early.
  • Situps – This is one of the best abdominal exercises concentrates on pelvic muscles which can help to achieve early periods.
  • Aerobic exercises – Exercises like walking, running, cycling, and dancing are coming under aerobic exercises which helps to stimulate the abdominal muscles thereby increase the uterine wall contraction resulting in early periods.
  • Jump ropes – Jump rope is an effective workout for women to improve cardio activities as well as induce periods by pelvic muscle activities.
  • Abdominal twists – Regrrusive twisting the abdomen back and forth is an easy method to stimulate your pelvic muscles and thereby get early periods.
  • Lying down bicycle – This exercise is directly giving stimulation to your abdominal muscles and the uterine wall contractions.
  • Malasana (Yoga) – Malasana or the Garland pose gets your abdominal and pelvic muscles stretching, causes your periods to arrive faster.
  • Dhanurasana (Yoga)- It is one of the best back stretching yoga asana. This exercise will stretch your abdominal muscles resulting in uterine contractions for periods.

Final Words

A combination of these healthy diets and exercises can definitely prepone your monthly cycles as per your plans. Relax and try these home remedies and plan your weekend trip with good hope.

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