5 Best Organic Hair Removal Powder in India

Organic hair removal powder does not cause any itching problem or allergic reactions to your skin because it is made with natural ingredients like multani mitti, sandalwood, and aloe vera. All ingredients work together to prevent inflammation and remove hair from your skin. 

You can remove the unwanted hair on your body without waxing and shaving. Plus, you don’t have to worry about darkening your skin like other chemical brands. 

Here are the 5 best organic hair removal powder in India that will help you get rid of unwanted hairs in no time.

5 Best Organic Hair Removal Powder in India

#1. AroMine Natural & Organic Hair Removal Powder

AroMine Natural & Organic Hair Removal Powder

AroMine natural & organic hair removal powder contains all-natural ingredients including Ponnatharam powder. Ponnatharam is a yellowish stone, made with natural herbs, that is used to remove the growth of unwanted hair in the body for over 500 years.

Ponnatharam Powder

AroMine powder works by dissolving the hair at the root just under the skin’s surface, providing smoothness and softness without any side effects or irritation to your skin. This product contains no artificial ingredients that is perfect for sensitive skin and people who suffer from allergies.

AroMine powder also prevents ingrown hairs and razor bumps that can occur after shaving or waxing your unwanted hair off. You can use this product on the face, arms, legs, chest, back, armpits, and bikini line.


  • 100% organic and natural product
  • Prevents ingrown hair
  • Contains Ponnatharam powder which is very effective in removing hair
  • Ideal for all types of skin including sensitive skin
  • Removing unwanted hairs and dead skin cells


  • Leaves skin dry after hair removal

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#2. Natural Health & Herbal Products Hair Removal Waxing Powder

Natural Health & Herbal Products Hair Removal Waxing Powder

Natural Health and Herbal Products Waxing Powder is a natural hair removal product that contains multani mitti, lemon, orange bark, sandalwood, and aloe vera. The waxing powder gives you long-lasting results without any side effects on your skin. 

You can remove dark spots of previous waxing because of lemon which helps to lighten the dark skin. Orange bark is used as an antiseptic which regenerates new skin cells.

Multani Mitti benefits in multiple ways for skin by moisturizing it, softening the hairs, and providing proper nourishment to your skin. Multani Mitti contains Iron that nourishes your skin cells, prevents any infections, and cures the damages.

This powder removes unwanted hair from legs, arms, underarms, and near intimate areas.


  • Perfect for all skin types including dry skin
  • Leaves skin soft and smooth
  • Slows down hair growth
  • Reduces dark spots with the help of lemon
  • Made with natural ingredients 


  • A pungent smell that lingers for some time

#3. 7 DAYS Natural & Organic Hair Removal Powder 

7 DAYS Natural & Organic Hair Removal Powder 

7 Days hair removal powder is a unique blend of organic and natural ingredients like aloe vera, multani mitti, rice starch, camphor, and neem. 

The powder not only cleanses the skin but also provides exfoliation with Rice Starch. Camphor helps in removing dead cells and smooths your flawless skin. 

Neem is an antioxidant property present in the powder that soothes your irritated and itchy skin. The powder also contains aloe vera which gently cleans the skin making it soft and smooth.

The Green Lentil powder is a brightening agent that brightens the skin and makes it clear. The best part of this product is that it acts as a natural deodorant by killing bacteria.


  • Helps in removing hair without any pain
  • Brightens skin tone 
  • Acts as a natural deodorizer
  • Free from barium sulphide, parabens & mineral oil
  • No side effects


  • A bit pricey

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#4. Herb Wax Tulsi Natural & Organic Hair Removal Powder

Herb Wax Tulsi Natural & Organic Hair Removal Powder

HERB wax is a high-quality, effective, and organic hair removal solution which is purely handmade and comes in eco-friendly packaging.

The Herb hair removal powder is powered with the benefits of plant derived ingredients like orange peel powder, rose/tulsi, sandalwood powder, multani mitti, and aloe vera.

You get glowing and radiant skin with orange peel powder as the orange peel is enriched with Vitamin C. The Herb wax hair removal powder available in two fragrances – Rose & Tulsi.

The Rose fragrance added to the powder makes it smell better than other powders. Tulsi has antibacterial properties hence it helps in taking care of your skin by minimizing irritation.

Aloe vera acts as a moisturizer to provide hydration and nourishment to your skin and also fights signs of aging. The sandalwood present in the hair removal powder reduces skin tan and gives a cooling effect to your skin.


  • Removes suntan to make skin clear
  • Cleanse skin and gives glow to the skin
  • Relieves itchiness and irritation of the skin
  • Organic product
  • Gives smooth, flawless, and hair-free skin.


  • The powder needs to be applied more than once to remove all hair from your skin.

#5. DUH No Hair – Organic Hair Removal Powder 

DUH No Hair – Organic Hair Removal Powder

DUH No Hair is an effective natural and organic hair removal powder that doesn’t contain any harmful or toxic chemicals. This hair removal powder is made with 100% natural ingredients like sandalwood, rose petals, lemon and Fuller’s earth. 

The powder contains sandalwood (Chandan) which acts as an antioxidant helping reduce dryness and the suntan on your skin. The Rose extract acts as astringent to give your skincare and protection. 

Fuller’s earth cleanses your skin and softens the hair to make hair removal easier. Along with that it also helps reduce skin irritation and has antiseptic properties.


  • Removes suntan and makes skin brighter
  • Reduces redness and irritation
  • Makes skin smoother and glowing
  • Organic and natural product
  • Painless removing hair instantly 


  • Doesn’t work effectively on thick hair
  • Has a pungent smell

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These hair removal powders work effectively without causing any irritation to the skin. But you have to keep in mind that you should remove all the ornaments that you are wearing, all the rings, anklets, and toe rings, otherwise they will be ruined. The second thing is that you should apply a good moisturizer after the process is done as these powders leave your skin dehydrated.

If you have sensitive skin then AroMine natural & organic hair removal powder is the best choice for you. This powder is a 100% safe and effective solution to remove unwanted body hairs without any side effects or irritation.

If money is not your concern then 7 DAYS natural & organic hair removal powder is the perfect choice for you. You can use this powder on sensitive areas like underarms or bikini line. It’s also suitable for all skin types including oily, dry, normal skin.

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