5 Best Potty Training Seat For Babies in India

The potty trainer seat makes it easier for your baby to build the habit of pooping or peeing while sitting. The baby potty seat helps to improve your baby’s posture and muscle tone in his legs and back. The baby potty seat is made of durable plastic material and fits well to your adult toilet seat. You can carry the baby potty seat while traveling. 

The 5 best potty training seats for babies and toddlers in India are listed below.

5 Best Potty Training Seat For Babies & Toddlers in India

#1. BabyGo Cushioned Potty Training Seat 

BabyGo Cushioned Potty Training Seat

Babygo cushioned potty seat is perfect for your baby’s potty training experience. This seat is especially designed for comfort and safety, and is suitable for 1 year+ babies. 

It also fits securely on top of a standard toilet seat. The soft, cushioned seat provides comfort to your baby while sitting on the toilet. 

Babygo potty seat has easy grip handles to provide stability for your baby’s little hands. This product is made of extra soft vinyl and durable plastic material, which can be easy to clean and attractive.


  • Excellent for use in public restrooms
  • Soft, cushioned seat provides comfort for baby
  • Easy grip handles provide stability for baby
  • Fits snugly on a standard toilet seat
  • Value for money
  • Easy to use and portable


  • Not found

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#2. LuvLap 2 in 1 Baby Potty Training Seat

LuvLap 2in1 Baby Potty Training Seat

The Luvlap baby potty training seat is a perfect choice for parents due to its smooth edge that provides comfort and safety for your toddlers. This baby product comes with a high backrest that makes it easier for your kids to sit down comfortably without falling down. 

This product is European Standards:EN 71 certified, so you can rest assured that it is safe, durable and reliable. The Luvlap 2 in 1 baby potty training seat is designed with a detachable inner bowl and lid that protect your baby from germs and bacteria. 

You can also place the upper plate rim on a regular toilet seat for your baby. Made from high quality plastic material, this potty seat is easy to clean and durable for years of use. It is suitable for 1 year+ babies.


  • Safe and comfortable for your baby
  • Smooth edge surface and comfortable back rest.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Durable, reliable, and non-toxic.
  • Detachable anti-germ lid


  • Seat cannot be put on square-shaped toilets.

#3. GOCART WITH G LOGO Baby Foldable Potty Trainer Seat with Ladder 

GOCART WITH G LOGO Baby Foldable Potty Trainer Seat with Ladder 

Gocart with the G logo is a portable and foldable potty training seat for your baby from 1 to 7 years old. The seat comes with a ladder for your kid to climb onto the toilet seat. This seat includes non-slip ladder feet so that your baby will have great stability while they are standing up. 

You can increase your toddler’s confidence and eliminate the fear of falling off the toilet, thanks to easy grip non-slip handles. You can also adjust the footrest with two choices that suit your baby’s height.

The soft, cushioned padded seat provides maximum comfort to your baby’s bottom. The removable seat pad is easy to clean and washable. The anti splash design is perfect for both boys and girls toddlers.


  • Safe and Effective Baby Potty Training Seat
  • PU soft cushion material and waterproof
  • Comes with unique handrail and non-slip foot pads 
  • Folding and compact design
  • Adjustable footrest according to your baby’s height


  • Expensive

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#4. R for Rabbit Tiny Tots Potty Training Seat For Baby/Infant/Kids

R for Rabbit Tiny Tots Potty Training Seat For Baby/Infant/Kids

The R for Rabbit Tiny Tots Potty Seat is a mid-range comfortable and convenient option for your baby (from 9 months to 4 years). This seat is designed with baby’s comfort in mind. Featuring a high backrest structure ensures back support for your baby and prevents from toppling over. 

You can also attach it to your adult toilet seat to provide better and easier training to your baby. The lid cover of the Tiny Tots potty seat helps to prevent foul smell after usage.

As per European Standards: E71 certified, this potty seat is made with high quality plastic material that is Eco-friendly, BPA-free, and hypoallergenic. Due to its lightweight and compact design, you can easily carry it while traveling.


  • Easy to clean the seat after usage.
  • Can be attached to the adult toilet
  • Sturdy and durable plastic material
  • Hygiene and washable
  • Comfortable high backrest structure


  • A little bit expensive.

#5. Sunbaby Potty Trainer Seat

Sunbaby Potty Trainer Seat

The Sunbaby Potty Trainer is designed to fit babies from 9 months to 2 years old. The potty trainer seat is equipped with a round smooth design and high back support provides more stability and comfort to your baby while sitting. 

The Sunbaby potty seat comes with a lid cover to prevent stool germs from spreading. This lightweight and compact seat is convenient for travel purposes. You can easily wash it after usage.


  • Portable & easy to store
  • Anti urine splash design
  • Lightweight and compact seat
  • Easy to clean & washable
  • Round smooth design and high back support for comfort


  • Baby’s skin might turn red. The cushion needs betterment.
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Sunbaby Potty Trainer (Blue White) Sunbaby Potty Trainer (Blue White) 6,322 Reviews

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My Recommendations

If you are looking for a more sturdy and durable potty training seat for your baby, then LuvLap 2 in 1 baby potty training seat is the best option for you. This potty seat is made from high quality polypropylene plastic material and it is long lasting. The seat provides a proper support for your baby’s legs and body. 

If you are looking for a soft and comfortable potty training seat for your baby, I would recommend the Gocart with G logo baby foldable potty trainer seat. This seat is safe and made with PU material, ladder for easy climb up, and fit for kids aged 6 months to 7 years. 

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