Forest Essential Anti-Aging Cream Review 2022

Forest Essential is a luxurious organic brand that offers premium-quality products under different categories such as

  • Skin care
  • Hair care
  • Body Wellness
  • Makeup

If you are looking for Forest Essential Anti-Aging Cream but not sure whether it’s gonna suit your skin or not, then this article is for you.

We are going to review Forest Essential’s Soundarya Radiance cream that not only works as anti-aging but also gives you a charming glow.

Without any further ado, let’s dig deep about the anti-aging cream.

Forest Essential Anti-Aging Cream Review

forest essentials soundarya radiance cream

Even though the anti-aging cream contains cow’s ghee, it can still be used by people with oily skin as it is non-greasy and does not make your face look more oily or sweaty but if you have acne-prone skin then you should be cautious. 

The cream is good for dry skin. The pure rose water and sandalwood work on improving the texture of your skin and make it clear by fading away dark spots and giving your skin a glowing complexion

The Soundarya serum penetrates through 7 layers of your skin to make the underskin firm and hence restoring elasticity. 

The most important ingredient of the cream, the Gold Bhasma penetrates deep into the skin to increase skin elasticity and improve the radiance of the skin. The Yashtimadhu acts as a sunscreen that protects your skin from harmful radiation from the sun to avoid skin tanning.  

Saffron is also one of the main ingredients of the cream, it will give you a warm and glowing complexion, and hence improve the facial skin. 

Forest Essential Anti-Aging Cream Review


Soundarya Radiance Cream

  • Contains Gold Bhasma, Saffron, Rosewater, Cow’s Ghee
  • Fades away dark spots and improves complexion
  • Prevents fine lines to give a youthful glow

Packaging of the Forest Essential’s Soundarya Radiance Cream

The cream comes in a transparent jar of 30g. The lid of the jar is of golden color with the logo of the company on its top and it adds to the looks of the jar. 

soundarya radiance description

Description and Usage of the Soundarya Radiance Cream

The Soundarya Radiance Cream With 24K Gold & SPF25 is a light-textured cream that works wonders to delay signs of aging. The cream is a day cream with herbs like Saffron that gives your skin an uplift by minimizing the pores to make it look younger.

The Soundarya serum penetrates through 7 layers of your skin to provide nourishment to the facial tissues and make the underskin firm. The Gold Bhasma helps restore the elasticity of your facial skin. 

Forest essential soundarya radiance

The cream has a pale yellow color and the fragrance of the cream is mild and pleasant. You just have to take a pea-sized amount of the cream and it spreads smoothly on your skin. Within 4,5 minutes the cream gets absorbed by the skin. You can use the cream in place of your moisturizer for your make-up, it sits so nicely. 


  • Good for dry skin
  • Non-greasy & easily absorbed by the skin
  • Increases skin radiance
  • Prevents fine lines
  • Reduces dark spots


  • Highly expensive
  • Not suitable for acne-prone skin

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Final Take

Soundarya Radiance cream is specifically curated for dry skin because it increases skin’s elasticity & increases natural glow by nourishing the skin deep inside thanks to natural ingredients like cow-ghee, gold, and saffron.

People with oily skin can also use it if their skin is not acne-prone.

You have to use the cream regularly for 2 to 3 weeks for the results, however, you may notice the change after 4-5 days.

That’s it from my side. Please share your experience with Forest Essential’s Soundarya Radiance cream in the comments section.

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