Himalaya Baby Soap Review 2022

I was always skeptical to use soaps for an infant. During my childhood, my grandmother and mom used yogurt and milk for us. So, they always mentioned to keep babies away from market soaps which are full of chemicals and are not natural.

I still believe that in the initial months, your baby’s skin is delicate and doesn’t require soaps or lotions on daily basis. You don’t have to bathe your baby every day. Two times bath a week is sufficient to keep your baby clean.

Himalaya has a good range of bath soaps that are friendly to your child’s skin. When I tried Himalaya baby soap, I liked its mild fragrance and smoothness. Himalaya bath soap is soft, chemical-free and moisture level is really good which keeps your child’s skin smooth and soft.

My experience with Himalaya Baby Soap (Himalaya Baby Soap Review)

Sharing the key points which I have experienced while using the Himalaya baby soap.


  1. Himalayas baby soap effectively cleanses and conditions baby’s skin gently,
  2. Price is affordable.
  3. Mild in fragrance and stays for long time in baby’s skin.
  4. Himalaya baby soap is clinically tested, hypoallergenic and safe to use.
  5. This bar soap can be use for all skin types and tones.
  6. It’s a blend of herbal ingredients like almond oil, castor oil, milk, honey, olive oil which keeps your baby’s skin smooth.
  7. Easily available in most of the pharmacy medical shops and online stores.
  8. Creamy foams but minimal
  9. Baby Soap is free from artificial colors

Not so good

  1. Even though Himalaya claims it’s herbal and natural but keeps it away from baby’s eyes during the bath. It may irritate your child’s sensitive eyes.

Before buying any skincare product for my child, I always check the ingredients list. I never prefer to buy products in which I couldn’t recognize the ingredients.

Always buy products in which ingredients are natural and herbal and free from artificial fragrance.

Initially, I used the johnson & johnson’s product for my son as it was provided by the hospital in the “child welcome kit” in the USA. But it didn’t take much time for me to switch from johnson to Himalaya products once I checked the ingredients of johnson.

If you are thinking, why you need to move from Johnsons to Himalaya…

Himalaya Soap Vs Johnson soap

Himalaya is India Origin brandJohnson & Johnson is USA trademark company
Price is almost samePrice is almost same
It comes in 4 different variations which are ideal to use for different weathers Himalaya Gentle baby soap Himalaya Refreshing baby soap Himalaya Extra Nourishing soap Himalaya Extra Moisturising soapIt has three variations, but I am not sure about the purpose. Johnson baby soap Johnson baby milk soap Johnson baby blossoms soap
If you check the ingredients list then it’s short, easy to recognize.It has used multiple ingredients and many of the ingredients are not easy to identify.
No harmful chemicalsIn the lab test, traces of chemicals found in johnson products.

Himalaya Baby Bath Soap Review of All Types

Himalaya has four variations of soaps which are ideal for different weathers and different skins.

 #1. Himalaya Gentle Baby Soap

himalaya gentle baby soap

Especially for your baby’s gentle skin. Gentle baby soap is formulated to cleanse the baby’s skin gently. It has the goodness of olive oil, almond oil which help to nourishes, protects and softens the baby’s skin. It is best for daily use, keep your baby’s skin healthy. 

himalaya gentle baby soap ingredients

Ingredients as mentioned on the pack
  • Jaitun (Olive Oil) enriched with Vitamin E, nourishes, protects and softens baby’s skin.  But olive oil is not recommended if your baby’s skin is dry and soften.
  • Vatada (Almond Oil) contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and E, as well as monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. It is a skin softener and good for sensitive skin.

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#2. Himalaya Refreshing Baby Soap

Himalaya Refreshing baby soap

Himalaya Refreshing baby soap keeps your baby’s skin cool and fresh. This Himalaya baby product contains watermelon, khus khus (poppy seeds) and Neem. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, also help to manage prickly heat in babies. Ideal for use during summers.

Himalaya Refreshing baby soap ingredients
Ingredients as mentioned on the pack
  • Kalindam (Watermelon) has the properties to keep the baby’s skin cool and fresh.
  • Ushira (Khus Khus / Poppy Seeds) Khus khush has antiperspirant and astringent properties, it provides the good moisturizer to your baby’s skin. It is use in many beauty products and also help to treat skin inflammation & Eczema.
  • Nimba (Neem) has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which prevents skin ailments and infections.

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#3. Himalaya Extra Moisturising Baby Soap

Himalaya Extra Moisturising Baby Soap

It provides the extra layer of moisturizer and maintains the equilibrium. Himalaya extra moisturizing soap is specially formulated to treat the dry skin in babies. This bar is extremely mild, skin friendly and skin softener.  It’s a blend of aloe, olive oil, almond oil and milk which work together to delicately handle baby’s rough skin and skin irritation. It improves the skin texture. Ideal for use in winters because of high moisture level.

Ingredients as mentioned on the pack
Himalaya Extra Moisturising Baby Soap ingredients
  • Kumari (Indian Aloe) is useful to keep the moisture balance.
  • Almond Oil is an excellent skin softener which moisturizes baby’s skin.
  • Jaitun (Olive Oil) enriched with Vitamin E, nourishes, protects and softens baby’s skin.
  • Kshira (Milk)  Milk proteins nourishes the delicate skin of the baby.

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#4. Himalaya Nourishing Baby Soap

Himalaya Nourishing Baby Soap

It’s especially for sensitive skin. It’s a herbal formulation to provide the gentle nourishment to the sensitive skin of your baby. It contains natural moisturizer like Honey, Sunflower, Castor Oil and milk that moisturizes baby’s skin and reduces skin ailments like itching and inflammation. Ideal for use during the monsoon season

Himalaya Nourishing Baby Soap Ingredients

Ingredients as mentioned on the pack

Madhu (Honey) nourishes the baby’s skin smoothly

Ricinus communis (Castor oil plant) reduces the skin ailments like redness, itching, rashes

Adityabhakta (Sunflower Oil) is rich in Vitamins A, C, D and E, excellent in helping baby’s skin retain moisture.

Kshira (Milk) is a skin softener, it helps to soothes and moisturizes baby’s skin.

Directions for use

Direction of use this soap is very simple. Wet your baby’s face and body. Gently apply the soap evenly on baby’s face and body, rinse thoroughly. Keep it away from baby’s eyes.


If you are using any baby care product in which ingredients are not clear to you then take few moments to do your research. Don’t use the harsh chemicals on the delicate skin of your baby.

Recommendation – YES

I will give it 4 stars out of 5. I would suggest to give it a try. Soap is mild, reasonable and best for daily use for kids around 1 year of age. For babies below 1 year, try to use it twice in a week.

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