How to handle a fussy eater child

Are you worried about your child’s eating habits?

Sometimes, you don’t understand what to do to let your child eat his food without any fuss. Your child started to throw tantrums during mealtime.

Fussy eating is a phase that most of the children go through. It will get better with time.


fussy eater


You must ensure that whether your child is really fussy or his stomach is already filled. If he already had something before meal time then he wouldn’t feel hungry at mealtimes.

As children are growing, their solid intake will increase and milk intake will reduce. If you already feeding milk or other snacks before meal time then it’s difficult for your child to have the complete meal.

So you can’t consider your kid fussy eater if you are doing wrong with his food intake routine. Have a good gap of at least three hours between snack time or milk time & main meal (lunch / dinner).

Your baby’s stomach is too tiny that he wouldn’t be able to eat that much in one go. Never try to force your little one to feed more and more. If he is showing the signs that he is full then let him go with his instincts.

During child’s growing period, moms need to remember one thing. Never try to prepare separate food for your kid based on his likings. Otherwise, your child will develop such behavior to demand his favorite food every time and start refusing to eat food which you prepare for the whole family.

You can try different methods and ways to let your kid eat his food. Try these tips to make mealtime fun time.

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1.Eat together as family time.

It is always great if you eat with your kid. A toddler develops most of his habits from parents. If he knows that this is the meal time for everyone, soon he will start eating by his own without doing any further efforts. Just bring his serving too when other family members are eating. Eating with family increase love, affection and trust. Try to communicate with your child during the dining time. It will give the environment to your child to share his issues with you.

2. Create Interest for food

Cook together with your kid. Introduce various kitchen ingredients which you are going to use in food. Let him know the process and how awesome dish you are going to cook.

Cook with kid

Once kid develops interests for his food, soon he will start loving to eat his food. Try to make same food in different shapes and texture every time, it will create interest for food in your child.

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3. Stay positive

Don’t get panic if your child is not eating his food. Let your toddler knows how happy and satisfied you are when he eats well.

Just let him know one thing clearly and firmly that “this is meal time and you will not get anything else after that”. You need to be strict and clear on your words for few days.

Fussy Eater Baby

Slowly your child will start understanding that he needs to eat his food when serves. You don’t need to run behind your toddler to feed him. Let him stay little hungry for few days, gradually he will be happy to eat his food on time.

4. Make mealtime enjoyable

Prompt to let your baby eat his food with other kids as well. Your child may start to eat his food happily when he sees other kids enjoying their meal time. You can make mealtime as story time,play time like food quiz while the child is eating his food.

5. Stay away from distractions

Eat away from distractions like TV, Games, toys. If you are feeding your baby while involving him in something else then he will never develop any kind of interest for his food. He will be feeding himself without any urge of food. Distractions make it difficult for your kid to concentrate on his meal.  Your child may start eating his food without listening to his stomach needs in actual.

6. Try to cook foods of your toddler choice once in a week

One thing which must be clear to your toddler is to eat what the family eats. Your kid can participate in planning food menu for the week . Let your kid know that you can also enjoy foods which he likes most.

In this way, he will also start creating interest for food which you have prepared for family unless until it is quite difficult for him to eat it.

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7. Let your baby eat his food by himself

Allow your toddler to eat, touch and play with his food if he wants to. Even its mess for you, but child is learning about food texture and his motor skills are developing.  He will start enjoying his food while  playing and eating by own.  Slowly, He will be independent to eat his food nicely.

Eating baby


8. Make mealtime consistent

Try to fix meal time like lunch at 1 pm and dinner at 7 pm. If you are following time schedule then your kid will start feeling hungry around that time. Also, he will start following day schedule like mealtime and naptime. You don’t need to put extra effort to let him do it.

As I always mention, each child is unique. So do try these ways to create interest for food in your toddler. Find out which method/ process is working great for your child.

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