Jamun Smoothie

Great Summer Drink for Kids & Adults.

Jamun or black plum is loaded with nutrients & it has many medical benefits . It is known to give relieve from stomach pain. It has a low glycemic index so good option for diabetic patients. Its anti-diabetic properties help to convert sugar into energy in diabetic patients.

Jamun helps to increase haemoglobin. It keep heart diseases away & treat infections & skin problems.

Its one of the cool & seasonal summer drink, healthy & yummy in taste. Your kid will definitely love it even if he doesn’t like to eat jamun directly.

Sharing recipe for 2 glasses, which you can alter according to number of persons.


1/2 cup jamun pulp

1 cup yogurt / curd

1 tbsp sugar [ you can add according to your taste buds]

Ice cubes

Black salt [ Incase you don’t want to add sugar then you can add salt]

berries [optional]


Wash & clean the jamuns.

For Jamun pulp, discard pips & blend clean jamuns in a blender.

Blend jamun pulp, curd, ice-cubes & sugar in a mixer till smooth.

Pour in glasses & decorate it with berries of your choice.

If you don’t want to add extra sugar then you can skip it or you can add black salt.

Your summer drink – jamun smoothie is ready to serve.


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