17 best Mom hacks when you are traveling with baby

All our life we used to travel for short vacations of 4-5 days but now we love going for long vacations only. In 2015, we went for one month long vacation in Goa for the very first time.  And last year, we were in Thailand for 50 days to enjoy the long summer vacations. This time, we were on the 1-month long road trip, covering different states of India.

I have learned few travel hacks, which can help mommies to make the life smooth when you have limited resources being away from home.

Useful travel tips for PARENTS.

When you are traveling with the kids away from your home, you need some quick fixes/hacks.

#1 Baby Feeding Utensils

If you are staying either at a resort or an apartment, there will be breakable utensils, which you may not prefer to use for your baby. What you have to do is, just pack some light weighted baby’s feeding utensils like spoons, plates, bowls, sipper and cup so that you can provide the baby with food in his/her favorite utensils.

#2 First aid kit

first aid kit to pack in your bag

During our first vacation to Goa, we forgot to keep the first aid kit in our travel bag. My son got injured on his knee and we felt the need to carry first aid kit with us. After that day, my husband always used to keep 1-2 bandages in his wallet to use immediately in case of a minor injury. Your first aid kit must contain a scissor, alcohol-free cleansing wipes, sticky tape, antiseptic cream, cotton balls, 3-4 bandages and common medicines like crocin and aspirin.

#3  Carry picky food items

Traveling with homemade baby food is always easy for you and your baby. Prepare few food items, which you can feed to your baby easily while traveling either by train, car or flight.

Make sure that food is handy and has a long shelf life. Some cooked foods options are puris, parathas with pickle, veg pulao, jaggery chilla, etc. I personally pack jaggery chilla or jaggery puris (sweet) in bulk while traveling. Such food helps to feed the adults and children for a day or two.

#4 Snacks for babies

Pack some variety of snacks for babies during your travel. Prepare few small snack packs of cornflakes, biscuits, homemade sweets, homemade chocolates, raisins and nuts, puffed rice, etc.

#5 Cloth hangers

Travel hack - cloth hangers

Carry light weighted cloth hangers in your bag or buy the use-and-throw type hangers when you are traveling. This hack really worked for us when we traveled to the beach area. In our room, there was no cloth stand so we used cloth hangers to dry out all our washed clothes on the curtain rods.

#6 Electric kettle

This is my favorite mom hack. I am using it since I am traveling with my son. It really works as a multi-purpose tool.

  • You can wash your babies feeders/feeding bottles with warm water. A trick, which I used, was somewhat like this; carry a big bowl in which bottles can dip in. Boil water using the kettle and pour hot water into the bowl. Now dip feeders in a bowl and cover it with a plate.
  • You can prepare baby cerelac by using hot water from an electric kettle.
  • During my latest travel, I used an electric kettle to boil hot milk. Just put the milk mug over kettle and milk will be warm/hot because of the stream.
  • You can prepare kid’s foods like instant noodles, warm soups, etc.

#7 Pack kid’s favorite toys

The focus should be on packing light weighted and small toys, which doesn’t take much space in your bag. Keep 3-4 toys handy in the kid’s handbag or your handbag and pack rest of the toys in the luggage bag.

Kids toys

If your baby wants to play during the travel time then you can give it to the baby for spending his time by playing. My son likes cars and he has many small sized cars. So, we always pack cars for him. During our travel to Goa, he played with his cars throughout the train journey and made some train friends and had fun.

#8 Pack baby powder for beach

It’s a very useful hack if you are traveling to beach areas. Secret mantra to keep beach sand away from your skin and clothes is by using baby talcum powder.

Mommies, pack your baby’s powder in your travel and beach bag. Sprinkle it on your feet and legs and it will keep sand away from your clothes, shoes, and home.

#9 Use plastic wrap between toiletry bottles and caps

An easy way to prevent shampoo, baby lotions, oils, gels and other liquid items from spilling off in your bag is by putting some plastic wrap under the caps of toiletry bottles. And, pack all your liquid bottles in a ziplock bag and keep it in a side pocket of your bag. If you don’t have plastic wrap at home then use masking tape.

To make your bottles spill proof, you just need some plastic wrap. Unscrew the toiletry bottle, cover the hole with plastic wrap and tightly screw the cap again.

#10 Roll clothes to maximize the luggage space

If you know this trick, then surely you can save a lot of space in your travel bag. It’s the best way to use suitcase space at its maximum. Apart from saving space in the bag, this great hack also helps in reducing the number of bags that one needs to carry.

cloth rolling

What you need to do is, just roll your clothes rather than folding them and stack them on top of the other. Also, you can pack your underwear and socks inside your shoes just to have that little more space.

Rolling your clothes would also help you to keep them free from all the wrinkles & creases. This hack works best for air travelers, and you can pack your most of the stuff in a single luggage bag smartly and efficiently.

#11 Shower cap

Use disposable shower caps to wrap yours and your child shoes. In one shower cap, you can pack one pair of your shoes or two pairs of your child’s shoes or crocs. Use a shower cap to pack your shoes and prevent the other stuff in your bag from getting dirty.

#12 For road trip: Use cardboard box as a trash can

cardboard as dustbin


If you are traveling with kids in a car then it’s a good habit to turn any plastic container or cardboard box as a trash can. Advise your children to throw all the garbage in the trash can and empty the can whenever it’s full. This is a smart hack to keep your car floor clean and mess free.

#13 Pack art and craft sets

art and craft stuff for kids


Keep your child’s favorite art and craft sets like crayons, color books, pencil colors and watercolors in your bag. Your child will get involved in its arts and coloring activity for 1-2 hours daily during your stay. Use an empty CD/DVD case to create a coloring case. It can hold color pencils, notebook, and crayons, which would help to keep the children busy.

If you are traveling for a long distance then keep one set of crayons and coloring book in kid’s handy bag.

#14 For air travel: bring empty water bottles in a handbag.

This hack is really important when you are traveling with your baby. Keep 3-4 tbsp. spoons of water in your water bottle (less than 100ml). It will work as a quick fix in case your baby feels thirsty while security checks and last minute boarding. You can also refill your water bottle from the drinking water fountains after security checks.

#15 Emergency medicines


Don’t forget to carry the emergency medicines for your little one; this is really helpful if you are travelling out of the country. Packing emergency medicines makes travel smooth. You can easily manage in case of any midnight troubles like diarrhea, vomiting or high fever.

#16  Carry 3-4 plastic bags

Keep 3-4 plastic bags in your backpack as you are traveling with kids. Kids do messy stuff and by using plastic bags you can make the space clean and mess free immediately. Also, it works as a great saver in case of vomiting during travel. Just puke inside the plastic bag and throw it away.

#17  Pack multiple sets of baby clothes

Wherever you go, always carry 1-2 cloth sets of your baby. During air travel or short travel to any place, carry cloth set and diapers in your handbag or kid’s bag. You never know, when your baby would need a change of clothes in case of vomit, massive blowout of poop or spill off food.


Travelling is fun but can be full of stress if you are traveling with a baby.

Once you have a baby at home, it’s a whole new concept of traveling with kids. You have to plan your travel very cautiously to make your baby comfortable at a new place.Always try to pack all the essential stuff of your baby.
If you know any other travel hack, which is really helpful for moms while traveling with babies, then do share it in the comment section. I will be happy to update it.

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  1. Neha, you have really shared some very nice travelling tips and hacks! Hope I remember them the next time I am travelling!

  2. I have one son of 5 years old. I would like to add —
    1) When I used to go to beach, I usually carry one floater with me. Kids love that if not in sea. Even you may use them in swimming pool.
    2) When I went to Goa, I took one kids safety belt for 2 wheeler. There I rent one scooty and roam around freely.


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