21 Best Foods for Weight Gain in Babies and Kids in 2022

Is your baby underweight or malnourished as per its pediatric?

Are you worried that your baby is not gaining weight as per the growth chart?? And what should be baby weight gain food chart?

Are you looking for Superfoods which can help your baby to gain weight?

Super rich baby weight gain foods like milk, yoghurt, desi ghee, sweet potato, meat are consider as best weight gainer foods in babies and toddlers.

A newborn usually regains its birth weight by the time it is 14 days old. And doubles its birth weight in 3-4 months. You can expect your baby to triple its birth weight by about 1 year of age. If your

Does your baby have a good appetite, reaching all the milestones and looks active but still underweight or not gaining proper weight?

Well, answer to all these questions is given below in this article.

baby weight gain foods

I too had weight gain issues with my son in his second year. In the first year, he was touching all the milestones before time. I was happy that I am taking good care of my son. But in his second year, he started to lose weight, which was really hurting me from the inside. Whenever someone met us, they always asked questions regarding my son’s weight.

“What has happened to your child? Why your son is getting weak?”

It was really disturbing for me and I was irritated with the same question being asked several times and the explanation process.

Inside me, I was feeling that someone is questioning on my parenting and care. And, I started to ask myself that being a full-time mom, am I able to take a good care of my child. Am I being a good mom and bla bla bla..

Then, we met a senior retired doctor from a renowned hospital and I asked him the same question. He was very calm and replied very softly that people are always there to pinpoint the other person’s faults or weakness. You don’t have to take it seriously. Always admire your child and other’s child as well. Children are always cute, no matter, even when they have the running nose 🙂

After that, I always tried to put my focus on my son’s immunity. Throughout this journey, I understood that healthy eating and healthy habits are essential to growing a healthy baby.

So, Mommies, don’t worry much about the weight gain issue in your babies.

If your baby is active, eating healthy food and has a strong immunity system then, it is healthy.

Baby’s growth and baby’s weight are two different things. Child’s weight is one part of its overall growth but it is not the only measuring criteria to check the child’s development.

Baby’s weight gain issue is very common these days, every other mom has certain concerns regarding their baby’s growth.

“If your baby is getting sufficient milk then he will have 6 to 8 wet diapers in a day. There should be 3 or more stools per 24 hours.”

Ask yourself!

Following are few checkpoints for mothers of the babies that are below 6 months of age. If your baby is completely on breastfeed then ask the questions written below from yourself to identify your baby’s weight gain problems.

  1. You might have some issues with nursing. Do you think, your baby is latching correctly and he is taking sufficient calories from breastmilk?
  2. If your baby is getting sufficient milk then he will have 6 to 8 wet diapers in a day. There should be 3 or more stools per 24 hours.  As the baby gets older, stools may occur less often and may even skip a number of days if your baby is completely on breastfeed.
  3. Do you think that your milk supply is sufficient?
  4. How often you nurse your baby and for how long?
  5. Does your baby looks active and appears satisfied after feeding?

Below given questions are applicable if your baby has started taking solid or semi-solid foods.

  1. Do you offer three main meals, two snack breaks and two times the milk to your child in its daily schedule?
  2. Do you think, your baby is eating properly during mealtime?

And, the main question, which is now coming to your mind, is “How my child will gain weight?”

Let’s talk about the healthy foods which can help baby gain weight faster and have proper development.

Food for 6 Month Baby to Gain Weight

#1. Breastmilk


For babies, below 6 months of age, sufficient breast milk is the only way to gain weight. Breastmilk is the most nutritious, healthy, balanced and superfood for your baby to gain weight. Breastmilk provides the child with all the necessary nutrients in the proper proportions. Breastmilk can be easily digested, so your baby will rarely have constipation, diarrhea or upset stomach problems.

If your baby has sufficient breast milk supply, it will help it to gain weight. It is the perfect food for your baby.

It is always recommended to keep your newborn only on breastmilk until he/she is six months old. And, after the six months, you can start with the semi-solid and solid foods along with breast milk.

Consult your doctor or lactation experts if you have any nursing issues.

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Foods for 6 to 9 months baby to weight gain

#2. Banana


Bananas is an excellent source of natural energy, a single banana provides 100+ calories. Bananas are high in carbohydrates, potassium, dietary fiber, Vitamins C, and B6.

Bananas are the `quick energy providers and are easy to grab and eat. It makes easy to feed your baby while you are traveling or outside your home. Just carry 1-2 bananas and give it to your child to eat. You can start introducing the banana to your baby after six months of age. You can try banana in smoothies, shakes, cakes or puddings.

#3. Desi Ghee (Clarified Butter)

desi ghee

Ghee is a clarified form of butter having high nutritional value. Desi Ghee is one of the best food source for weight gain in babies. You can start introducing the ghee in your baby’s food after 8 months. Like, you can start with adding few drops of ghee while preparing khichdi for your child and increasing the quantity as per the requirement.

As fat content in ghee is really high so please be moderate in its usage for your baby. You can make ghee from milk at home also. Just add a little amount of ghee to dal, porridge, chapati, paratha or sabzi for your baby.

#4. Ragi


Ragi is a very nutritious and healthy millet. Ragi is also known as finger millet, ‘Nachni’. It is one of the best food for babies to gain weight. Ragi is rich in calcium, protein, iron, dietary fiber, Vitamins B1, B2 and other minerals, which are required for your baby’s development.

Ragi is easily digestible by the baby. It is advised to include ragi in the diet of your child. For babies, you can prepare ragi cereal or porridge.For toddlers, you can prepare ragi porridge, ragi dosa, ragi idlis, ragi roti, ragi ladoos, ragi cake and cookies.

#5. Whole cream yogurt


Whole cream yogurt is a healthy option for children to gain weight. Yogurt provides required amount of fat and nutritious calories that help your baby to gain weight. It is also a rich source of calcium, vitamins, and minerals.

Yogurt is easy to digest for your child. It helps to improve the immune system and work as a remedy in loose motions and gastric troubles.

Most of the pediatricians recommend to start introducing yogurt to the babies after 7-8 months of age.

Please note that you should avoid the cow’s milk for your baby before one year of age.

Your baby’s tummy cannot digest the high levels of protein present in cow’s milk. But in case of yogurt, it is a fermented milk product. During this fermentation process, bacteria present in curd break down milk protein and make it easy to digest by your baby’s tummy.

Please avoid buying flavored yogurts available in the market as they have high sugar content in them.

You can prepare curd rice, smoothies and buttermilk for your child. You can also try the fruit-flavored curd for your child.

#6. Oats


Oats are rich in fiber and dietary nutrients and are low in saturated fat and cholesterol. It is a good source of iron, magnesium, zinc, thiamine and phosphorous. Oats are easy to digest for the babies and prevent constipation and inconsistent bowel movements. It can be a healthy breakfast option for your child to gain weight.

You can prepare oats porridge, oats pancakes, dosa, oats kheer and oats cookies.

For making oats pancakes and dosa, you just need to make ground oatmeal by grinding oats in the food processor.

#7. Potato


Starchy foods like potatoes are rich in carbohydrates. Potatoes are a good source of vitamins like C and B6, minerals like phosphorus, manganese and are low in calories.

Add potatoes, rice and other starchy foods to your baby’s diet. Potato makes an excellent first food for babies. Potatoes are mashable, easy to digest and the least allergenic food.

In Indian cuisine, potatoes are used in variety of foods, especially in vegetables and curries. So it’s very easy to introduce the potatoes in your child’s diet.

Potatoes are usually kid’s favourite as a vegetable and snack. Children love to eat it without any fuss.

My son loves to eat french fries and it is known as the finger food for kids. But, avoid giving the market frozen potato fries because it has too many preservatives.

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#8. Sweet Potatoes (Shakarkandi)

sweet potato
You can introduce sweet potato as a very first food to your 6 months baby. Sweet potato is one of the most nutritious foods, easy to mash and digest. Also, it is healthy and tasty.

Sweet potatoes are a rich source of vitamin A (beta carotene), vitamin C, copper, manganese and vitamin B6. Also, they are a good source of potassium, magnesium, dietary fiber, phosphorus and are low in saturated fat.

Sweet potatoes can be given to your baby as boiled and mashed. You can also prepare sweet potato with milk, sweet potato khichdi, sweet potato pancakes, soups and halwa (for toddlers).

#9. Pulses


Pulses are high in calories and help your baby to gain healthy weight. For your 6+ months baby, you can start moong dal soup or dal ka pani as their first food.

Moong dal and urad dal are easy in digestion and are a really healthy option for your child. Pulses are rich in nutrients, protein, calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium. Pulses are low in fat and high in fibre.

You can introduce dals in multiple forms to your child’s food. Dal khichdi, dal soup, dal chilla, dal halwa.

You can use urad dal to prepare dal, dosa and idli as well.

#10. Avocado


Avocados are rich in healthy fat and dietary fibre. They also provide essential minerals and vitamins. You can give avocado to your baby after 6 months of age.

Start with the avocado puree or mashed avocado for babies. For kids, you can add avocado in shakes, smoothies and desserts like ice creams.

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#11. Khichdi


It’s a combination of pulses, rice and ghee, which provides protein, carbohydrates, fat, fibre, calcium, vitamins and minerals. Khichdi is a one-bowl meal that has a perfect balance of nutrients.

You can start feeding your baby khichdi after 6 months of age. Perfect blend of pulses, rice and ghee make it a healthy choice to feed your baby.

Foods for 10 to 12 months baby to weight gain

#12. Eggs


Eggs are high in protein, saturated fat and are packed with minerals and vitamin A and B12. Eggs are a healthy option for your child’s growth and development. Egg is a good source of choline, which helps to regulate the nervous system and brain.

You should consult your doctor before introducing egg to your child before 1 year of age. Start with egg yolk (yellow part) when your baby is 10 months old and give the white part of an egg only when the baby completes one year of its age.

Sometimes, child may have egg allergies’ reactions. In such cases, consult your doctor immediately.

It is believed that an egg a day keeps supplementary Vitamin away.

You can prepare boiled egg, scrambled egg, egg omlette, egg rice or french toast for your child to have.

#13. Butter


Fat is a very important and essential part for your baby’s physical development. Your child’s growth and brain development are supported by a high-fat diet. Butter is one of the richest sources of fat. Butter provides the necessary fat, cholesterol, Vitamin A and essential fatty acids. You must stick to unsalted butter for your baby.

Butter can be a good option for kids who’re thin. Include butter in your child’s diet in the right amount. Too much intake of butter can also put negative effects on the baby’s health.

Add a teaspoon of butter to your child’s food like in dal, khichdi, porridge, and soups to increase the fat content. You can prepare butter sandwich for your child. And, my son loves to eat butter, so, I add some butter to chapatis like a spool full of butter and he eats it happily. Sometimes, I have to hide butter from him to avoid overeating of it.

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#14. Whole Wheat

whole wheat

Whole wheat is rich in dietary fiber, proteins, antioxidants, minerals like zinc, iron and magnesium. Whole wheat can help your child to gain weight. It’s not a quick weight gain food but it is a healthy option to maintain a steady weight gain in children.

It is recommended to introduce wheat to your child after 10 months.

Sometimes, a child might have wheat allergies so, you need to check the allergy symptoms and stop feeding wheat to your child and consult the pediatric if you find any food allergies.

You can introduce whole wheat as cereal, porridge (dalia), pancakes, chapati/roti.

#15. Fruit juices

fruit juice

Juices are the healthy option to include in your child’s daily diet. They are loaded with energy, calories and nutrients. Fruit juices have a good amount of vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Fruit juice is the best option for kids who don’t like to eat fruits. You can prepare mixed fruit juice by adding more than one fruit together like, add oranges, pomegranate and pineapple together.

You don’t need to add extra sugar or salt for your baby. You can maintain its sweetness and tanginess by balancing fruits. Like, add pomegranate with orange to make a perfect juice.

#16. Fish

low mercury fish

Fish is loaded with nutrients like proteins, vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids.

Fish is considered as a best source for omega-3 fatty acids, which helps to develop brain. Fish is also the only dietary source of Vitamin D.

Start with low mercury fish for your baby after 8 months of age. Fish is one of the top allergenic foods, so consult with the pediatric before introducing fish.

How to Increase 1 Year Baby Weight (Foods for 1 to 2 years baby to weight gain)

#17. Dairy Milk (Whole cream milk)

dairy milk

Whole cream dairy milk can help your child to gain weight. Milk is a natural source of calcium, protein, essential vitamins and minerals. Include at least two glasses of milk per day to your 1+ year child’s diet.

If your child doesn’t like plain white milk then you can make different shakes like mango shake, strawberry shake, chikoo shake, pineapple shake and a chocolate shake. But, don’t introduce cow’s milk until your child is a year old.

#18. Cheese


Cheese is a good option for your baby and it is packed with calcium, protein, vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin B12 and phosphorus. Cheese is one of the best food for 2 year old baby to gain weight

You can start giving cheese to your baby at 8 months of age after consulting with the pediatric. Cheese is an ideal food for babies who require a calorie rich diet to gain weight.

You can give cheese as Finger Food. Take a small piece of cheese, cut it into small pieces and give it to your baby as a snack. Such snacks develop baby’s eating habits by picking up the food himself and eating it.

You can offer cheese to your child having the dairy intolerance. The milk protein is largely broken down in cheese so it can be tolerated so people having dairy products allergies can tolerate it.

You can also prepare a cheese sandwich for your toddler.

#19. Virgin Olive oil

olive oil

Olive oil is a fat obtained by processing the whole olives and when the oil is processed without any chemical treatment then it’s called the virgin olive oil. Olive oil contains good fatty acids, which help your child to gain weight. It also contains the high amount of antioxidants and phytonutrients.

Always prefer to cook baby’s food in olive oil rather than other vegetable oils.

Olive oil is also good for skin; it helps to make your child’s skin smooth, shiny, and healthy.

#20. Dry fruits & Seeds

dried fruits

Dry fruits like almonds, cashews, walnuts, raisins, pistachios, dried apricots, peaches and seeds like sesame seeds, pumpkins seeds, flax seeds contain healthy fat which can help your child to gain weight.

You can add dried fruits in cereals, porridges, milkshakes, desserts and seeds to breads, salads, and snacks. You can prepare mix dry fruits powder to add in milk. It will increase flavor and nutritive value of milk.

You can prepare healthy ladoo having dried fruits and seeds for your kids.

#21. Meat


If you are a non- vegetarian then meat can be a good option for gaining weight. It contains the essential amino acids, fat, protein, iron, zinc, and selenium.

Red meat provides an easily absorbed form of iron for your baby. Make sure you introduce meat to your child’s diet firstly at home and that too with the home made meat.

Some suggestions for parents

  • The weight of your baby depends upon the genetic constitution of parents. So, do consider it also.
  • If your child is active, healthy and taking a proper diet but its weight is still not increasing then don’t worry.
  • If you think that a chubby baby is a healthy baby then you are wrong. Sometimes, chubby babies are more inactive, which can be an issue with their growth.
  • Always focus on a healthy diet rather than the high-fat foods.
  • Set mealtime and snack times fixed for your child.
  • Don’t feed in between the mealtime.
  • Promote your child to do the physical activities, which can help to increase child’s appetite.
  • Always make the mealtimes pleasant and not rushed as this will make the mealtime fun for the child and he/she will eat the food more happily, which will ultimately add to the baby’s growth.

Leave a comment if you have any query related to baby weight.

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113 thoughts on “21 Best Foods for Weight Gain in Babies and Kids in 2022”

    • Thank you Neelima. It’s okay, if your baby doesn’t like avocado and oats.. there are too many other foods which baby can enjoy. Hope your baby is gaining appropriate weight.

    • Thank you for your response. Do try these foods for your son but don’t feed him forcefully because that will never work for any child.

      Hope you get my point. looking forward to hear from you.

  1. can you please help me to how to do to improve my babies weigh, she was born with 3.5 kg but now she has 6 months old but her weight is not improve. Her weight is starting to lose until now she has 5.9 kg only. I am so confused.

    • when the baby is on breast milk only then you can’t do much with the weight thing. Now as she has completed her 6 months, you can start introducing solid foods to her. Eventually, her weight will start increasing. But remember one thing, increasing weight is not the only criteria to mark our child “healthy”, infact if your daughter is active, healthy then consider her healthy. Don’t worry much about her weight dearie, her weight will increase and sometimes few babies don’t increase weight as per weight chart. Wait for some months then you can talk to paediatric if you are not satisfied.

    • Hello Jaya,

      How much weight your baby has right now? See, in the initial months, baby gains weight very fast. And after 1 year of age, your baby will gain weight very slow. If your baby active & healthy then consider your child in good health, please. Each child is different, some babies eat less and some eat much. Just give healthy food to your child and work on his immunity rather than the weight thing.

      This is what I personally experienced and understand. Hope you get my point. Much love to your child.

      Share your child’s weight and diet on “neha@beinghappymom.com” so that I can connect you personally.

    • Hello Aditi,

      Have you tried to include the suggested foods in her diet, one by one. You will not get the results in day one, but eventually healthy eating will help her to grow a healthy weight.

      One more thing to consider it that baby’s weight also depends upon genetics.

    • Dear Anupriya, here can be the multiple reasons of appetite loss. 1) When baby is in growth stage, it happens that baby’s appetite loss. 2) as its summer time, its normal that we don’t feel hungry. But keep your baby hydrated. Include shakes, smoothie, water, juices in her diet. 3) sometime, when baby recover from illness, her appetite get affected. Let her body heal properly.

    • Yes, the average weight of an 11 months baby boy can vary between 7.5 kg to 11.5 kg. Your baby weight is not below average but you can improve his diet to increase weight. Tryout the foods as suggested in this article.

  2. Hy mam..mah baby girl is 12 month old and now her weight is 7.9 but from the last 4 month her weight are the same..kindly suggest why she is not gaining her weight????

  3. Hi Neha! My boy is a healthy eat… all the food mentioned he eats except avacado.. His other developments areally good… he is active interactive and social.. but his weight is a concern to me. His birth weight was 2.3kg now being 20 months old he is just 8.5 to 9kg.. I really don’t understand what’s wrong ?? 3 months his weight is constant..

    • Hello Christina,

      Weight gain depends upon many factors and you can’t relate the baby growth with weight gain directly. For me, if baby appetite is good, baby is happy, active and healthy then we must consider a child good in growth. Some kids are skinny by genes while others are chubby.

      Don’t worry much about the weight, just include all the healthy foods in his diet. Its okay, if he is not having avacado. its not that mandatory.

      • Hy mam..my baby girl is 15months old and now her weight is 7.9 but from the last 4 month her weight are the same..kindly suggest why she is not gaining her weight????

  4. There is another advise that I seek… oats… I used quaker white oats ia it the right one or there are separate baby oats?? Just to clarify if oats reduces his weight ??

    • No, I don’t believe, Oats are the culprit. Oats is a high fiber food, help your baby in healthy bowel movements. Baby weight also depends upon the genetic constitution of parents.

  5. Thanks but my question is that is there any side effects if I should give my daughter all the food (rice,dal, boilvegetables) mixed in mixture. Because she doesn’t want to eat I eat by forcely to her.

    • Hello Anita,

      There is no harm in mixing the already tested foods and your baby doesnt have any kind of allergies with any food. I would suggest you to avoid forceful feeding that wouldnt help you in long run.

      Give your child food in a bowl, let him/her play, feel the food and eat by itself. Selffeeding always works great in long run.

    • How much your baby weight is? When you started the solid food? Is your baby exclusively on breastmilk or you are giving topup milk too?

  6. Hi, my daughter is 8 month old and refuses to eat anything except milk and oreo biscuits. Kindly suggest what to do. Currently her wt is 8 Kg.

    • Which milk you gave to her? Her weight is absolutely good. Best practice is to avoid the milk when you want to serve any other food. Oreo biscuits are not good choice for 8 months old. you can give fruit/vegetable purees, banana, porridge, upma, khichdi, cereals.

    • Yes, your baby weight is absolutely normal. In the initial 6 months, weight increase fastly then it slow down. Your baby is completely okay.

  7. My son is 6 years old but he is underweight.. Out doctor told he has worms and given a 10ml course for a day.. He is eating OK but still he is not gaining weight and so thin.. His weight is 13kg . Please Suggest some remedies

    • You can give the banana and milk combination or eggs in the breakfast. Add the desi ghee in his diet. Let him recover from stomach worms issue. Once his appetite is approved, his weight will start gaining. You can include all the suggested foods in the above article to improve his weight.

      One morething, sometimes few kids are skinny in looks but have strong bones.

  8. Hi Thank for the information .My Son is 2 years old his weight is very low 9 Kgs, But he is very active , daily he eat an egg,twice a day dhal ,Ragi ,fruits , Fish & Meet (weekly twice) ,nuts ,banana ,fruit juices,kichadi/idly/dosa/Ven Pongal with Ghee.future I will add the other foods mentioned above also.

    I am not interested to go hospital for clinical findings because now days most of the Dr’s are money minded so they will tell lot of unwanted stuff which will not be real too. I feel i can improve his weight by proper food.

    I am working mom and not able to spend most time with him will may be the reason for his not gaining proper weight? Please suggest.

    • How much is the weight of your son? Sometimes, few kids are thin rather than to be a chubby baby. If your child is healthy, active and reaching all the milestones then consider that your child is fine.

      Don’t think too much on the numbers only.

  9. hlo mam my baby girl weight is about 6.750 gm and she is now complete 14 months. Her weight is not increasing. I am worried too much about her. Please suggest me what can I do.

  10. hi my son is 1year 4 months old and his weight is 8.9kg..but he is active enough and won’t sit for a while for plays…he loves to run or walk around the rooms…I give him right time meals…but not giving cow’s milk due to unavailability…can ion give packet milk which is available from milk diaries like nandini etc..presently I give him Lactogen 3. what can I do to increase my child weight as it is a headache for me because of others talk

    • As your baby is over 1 year of age, you can start giving him the same milk which you are using in the house or full cream milk. You can leave lactogen 3 now if you want. its not necessary to give cow’s milk. Once baby starts walking , its time to explore each and every corner of the house. so dont expect from kids to sit peacefully 🙂

  11. hii…my son is 2.5years old.. his weight is only 10kg..every month we have to go dr.clinic…every winter he suffer from cold cough..plz suggest something..even now a days he is suffering from cold cough…his mcr report is high.blood infection..admit hospital when he was 2 months old & next when 14 months old.hope u will rply me and help me.what to do ??

  12. Really nice information madam.
    with some of above parent same question I have, My baby is now 11 months and 10 days and her weight is now 7.1kg and her birth weight was 3.2kg, we are very much worry about her current weight. her diet as follow morning BM, rice-daal khichadi, fruit juice, cerelac, grind milk & chapatti, kindly suggest us.


    • The weight of your baby depends upon the genetic constitution of parents also. If your child is active, healthy and taking a proper diet but its weight is still not increasing then don’t worry.

      Always promote the healthy eating rather than fatty foods

  13. Hi
    My baby is one year old but still her weight is only 7kg. But physically she is strong and does all the normal activity. And also eats properly. Is it normal if her weight is less? Please respond.

    • Hello Kalyani,

      The weight of your baby depends upon the genetic constitution of parents. So, do consider it also. If your child is active, healthy and taking a proper diet but its weight is still not increasing then don’t worry.

  14. Hie my baby is 7 months old now but she refuses to eat solids like khichdi, oats, anythin that is thicker.. she eats only cerelac and rice water, soups n evrything dat is more of liquid and BM.. how do i make her eat solids like khichdi, suji kheer etc ?? Please help..

    • Its okay, baby can’t start eating all the solid foods in one day. She is just 7 months old, still she will have most portion of her nutrition from breastmilk or formula milk. Offer her purees and semi-solid foods if she likes more. Then in later months, you can give her solid foods. Nothing to worry.

  15. Hi mam my baby is two months old but her weight is 4.2kg physically she seems very thin what should I eat for her weight gain her birth weight was 2.9kg

  16. Hi, my son has cerebral palsy as result of brain injury during birth. His weight at birth was 3.3Kg, he is 7months old now but weighs 4.3Kg what food supplement will you recommend base on his condition.

  17. My baby is 10 months old .. he is active playful .etc .. he is 9.32kg now .. but he doesnt look fat . Anyone who carries him asks is he underweight .. im tired of hearing this.. he feeds well .. nd im giving him almost all veggies nd fruits .. he drinks both breastmilk nd formula milk.. he passes stool twice a day.lentils chicken fish im feeding him everything .. im feeding him every two hrs .. wat shd i do to mke him fat? His dad is thin but he eats only non veg .. is this genetics ??

    • Average weight of 10 months old baby is in between 6.8 – 10.7 and your baby weight is perfectly good. Don’t listen other people, if your baby is healthy, active, eating fine then he is in good weight… Please dont get panic after listening to people.

  18. My baby is one year old. When she was born she weighed 3.5 kgs. Now she weighs around 8kgs. She eats everything we give. But from past 4 months she has not gained more than 200 gms weight. Is that normal? She still have feeding from her mom. How to stop that habit? Thanks in advance.

  19. Hi my boy is 12 month. I am full time mother, follows schedule for meals snacks finger food sleep time etc. He was chubby till 6 month( only breastfeeding). But after I started solid food he starts to loose weight and weight was on lower side from 8 to 12 month. Recent visit to doc shows he is underweight. My concern is he start rejecting meal after eating 4 – 5 spoon. Doc advice is to feed him. But he rejects almost everything.

  20. hi maam..is it true that eating a date mixed in few drops of milk and ghee increases weight gain??my kids are fine with weight.norml kids..i seriously need to know about it..if so is it gud to eat in the morng or night…mayb not daily like every other day is it fine? im a bit anxious…thank you.

  21. Hi Nehagoyal, thanks for your helpful post. I want to know something about babes weight. When my baby was 3 month.. his weight was 12 pounds, and everything good about his age 6 month. At that time his weight was 16.5 pounds. But now, he is 10 month running and his weight 18 pounds. His weight really warred me, I am trying vitamins and many naturals food but it doesn’t work. Can you help me with it?

  22. Hi madam my 2 year old child is not eating any weight except rasam rice & sambar rice birth weight: 2.7 kgs. Currently she is on 9 kgs. what food shall i give mam your reply please mam

  23. Hi madam my 2 year old child is not eating anything except rasam rice & sambar rice birth weight: 2.7 kgs. Currently she is on 9 kgs. what food shall i give mam your reply please mam

    • Thanks for reply my baby boy 2 years 8 month old my child is not eating any food. birth weight: 3.0kgs. Currently he is on 13kgs. what food shall i give your reply please dear .

  24. Hi madam my daughter is 1years 3months .she not eating rice.she drinking only milk.some time she drinking fruits juice and eat egg .her weight is 10kg
    not increased .

  25. Hi my baby is 11 months old. In initial stage I started uggu to her which includes rice and 3 types of pulses. She prefers only that food. Every time I try any new food she starts vomiting iam really worried for her. Please help me.

  26. Hello, my son is of exactly 18 months, his weight is just 9.75 Kg. he often refuse to have food and even milk. my wife has too much worries about him. Kindly advice some suggestions on this

  27. Hellow. My princess is 3 years old. She was born with 4.05 kg and has always been on good weight. but after she turned 2 i noticed no changes in her weigh. she eats less ..Maybe somene can help..is 12 kg good weight for a 3 years old girl if not what can i give her apart from vitamins for apetite and weight gain?

  28. Hi,my son is 3years 6 months. He is suffering from constipation. Even after 4 days also,he is not passing stool. I don’t know what to do.please help me.and his weight is 13kg 500gm is it normal.

  29. Hi,

    I am having a premature baby of 28 weeks on 24.10.2018, her birth weight was 830 gms. and expected delivery date was 14 jan.2018. She is not taking milk properly and she is still on oxygen support due to respiratory disorders.

    Her current weight is 4.6 kg. She is on formula milk. how i can increase her weight. She cries alot when she drinks milk.

    I am very tense

  30. can you help us please? my baby was born 2.4kg. and now at age 2yrs 9 months is only 8kg. they want to put a peg :/ and gave me a month to improve weight. what would you suggest please for her diet? i am desperate :,( don’t want to feed her through the hole in her stomach… she is taking pured food only.

    • Your message is not so clear. Wanted to understand why you are still feeding purees to your 2.9 years old child. She can eat whatever you cook at home. Is she still breastfeed?

  31. Hi my daughter is 2yrs now …she was dwn with viral frm last 8days..and she lost weight we can see her ribs ….and bcom fussy bout food…her weight is now 9.5kg….can u plz suggest wt ki d of food shud i gave it to her so that her immune get strong and grow healthy

  32. Yay thank my Dr told me to stop giving my baby tubs of butter but now I’ma give him atub of butter and a bottle of olive oil

  33. Hi mom’s,iam very much worried about my baby weight….by birth he is 2.7, now he is 10 months and weight is 7.3….it is very less weight…he is very thin…not interested in eating…can pls suggest what foods to increase the baby weight… waiting for maximum responses from u mom’s.. please help me.

    • Suggested foods in this article will help your baby in weight gain.

      Make a meal plan and follow it. Have a good gap better two meals so that your child can be hungry and eat well.

  34. My baby is 2 years old she was completely on breastfeed till now. But last month I have stop breast feeding now she doesn’t drink outside milk at all. She spits milk she has very poor diet. Her weight is only 8.6kg. she is very fussy about eating. Pls help me I’m very much stressed about my child’s growth. She is very active but doesn’t eat properly.

    • So, can you share her diet schedule first so that I can understand your problem better.
      Definetely, she should have more weight than this. But baby’s weight depends upons many other factors too, so dont take numbers seriously. if she us active and healthy then she is good.

  35. Hello mam.
    My doll is 1 yr 2 months old she does not eat well nd also refuse milk. Prefer bm.what can i do. She is active.. weight is 8.5
    Daily routine of her
    Early mrng bm
    Wakeup 8.30 am or 9am 1 nd half rusk with quarter cup of milk
    10 am eat brkfst wid us sometimes not daily
    11.30 bm then nap time
    1 moong daal khichdi
    2 pm or 3 pm bm then play or nap her choice
    5 pm biscuits with tea as she refuse milk.she eats 4 biscuits with me
    Till dinner she takes bm only or sometimes she loves to eat sweet dalia.
    8 pm eats roti and veggie or daal .
    till sleep she needs only bm nothing else..
    What can i do to increase her appitite.. plz suggest asap

    • If your child is active, healthy and doesn’t fall sick often then consider your child healthy. Kid’s weight depends upon many other factors too

  36. Esther.

    Thanks for the good advice.Am a new mum and my baby is 12 months and weight 7.7kgs.She is very active,eats well and jovial.I am still feeding her well and she can eat anything as long as its eatable. I have visited hospital every month and doctors insists she is fine and healthy.I even dropped my well paying Job to take care of her.plz help coz people are talking about her that she is loosing weight but for sure she is gaining bit by bit but am not comfortable with that.Am disappointed together with her Dad because we are doing the best for her.She hardly get sick perhaps when teeth are coming out.She is a strong baby because every during that I don’t give her any medicine.plz help because am stressed.

  37. Hi, I’m 14.6 years old(male) and my height is 5’4, same as my parents, is there a chance for me to grow and become a 6 footer?, if there is, how?

    • You can consult physician, there are few exercise which help to increase high. Your age is not much, still are the chances of height increase

  38. My kid is 2.8 Year old, Birth weight 2.6 kg. now she is 9.5kg, but she is active. for her weight gain which type food can feed. pls suggest me.

  39. my baby girl is 10 kg her age is 3 years and 6 month she has no apitite I consult the docter she take different labratories he says she is healty what can you advice me which food can increase whait ?

  40. Recently my little one has lost alot weight and it worries me seeing him such. Thanks for mentioning the check points along with various foods that i could include in his diet. This is extremely helpful.

  41. Hi, my son is 1 year and 3 months old. He normally eats well but I am concerned to feed him healthy. He eats dal, khichdi, rice, suji, sava along with breast milk. In rdy fruits I feed him grinned wall nuts and badam.

    Can u suggest something else to feed as he seems get bored out of all this now. We are pure vegetarian so no egg. He likes both sweet and spicy. I am bit concerned for his weight as he reduced his weight approx. 1-2 kg when he feel sick (cough and cold).

    Plesae help!

  42. Mam, my baby boy is 6 months 10 days old and weighing 6.25kgs but he is looking heathy, His weight at birth was 3.2Kg, we are very much worry about her current weight. his diet as follow morning BM, rice-daal khichadi, fruit juice, cerelac, grind milk & chapatti, kindly suggest us.

  43. my Baby girl 6.5 month complete weight 6 KG, I have visited hospital every month and doctors insists she is fine and healthy, plz suggest wt ki d of food shud i gave it to her so that her immune get strong and grow healthy

  44. Hi ma’am
    My baby is eight months old, though she is very active and energetic, she doesn’t enjoy the food, mostly she remains on breast milk or cow milk. The mentioned foods r given to her, but in vain. Pls tell me what shall I do. Her weight is 6.8 now. Is it ok. Pls reply soon.


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