7 Ways to Delay Periods Naturally at Home

Are you worried about your period while on your vacation? Don’t worry!

There are ways to delay your period naturally, without using medication and artificial techniques. The continuous popping of pills and other artificial techniques to postpone your period may have negative consequences on your body like the appearance of facial hair or on the chin and hormonal imbalances. As a result, the menstrual cycle can become immensely disrupted. 

To avoid such issues, here are 7 best tips on how to delay your period naturally at home for a few hours or a couple of days.

7 Best Ways to Delay Periods Naturally at Home Without Pills

#1. Gram Lentils to Delay Periods

Gram Lentils

“Gram lentils” is one of the most common and used home remedies to delay the periods. Gram lentils are low in calories and carbohydrates, rich in fiber, protein and iron. These lentils can help you manage your period by affecting the levels of luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH). 

How to use Gram Lentils to delay periods

Roast the gram lentils, then grind them into a fine powder. Add this powder to a glass of water and stir it to make a smoothie or soup. Drink that mixture every morning for about a week before your expected date. 

Side effects – Excess consumption of lentils can cause flatulence and digestive issues.

#2. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar helps to clean and balance the body’s PH levels, which in turn regulates the menstrual cycle. Apple cider vinegar also helps to detoxify the body, which can help to reduce the symptoms of PMS. 

To delay your period naturally using apple cider vinegar, you should mix two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with a glass of warm water. Drink this mixture twice a day for up to two weeks before your period is expected.

As per research, women with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) found that Apple cider vinegar helps to restore ovulatory function through improving insulin sensitivity and regulating the menstrual cycle. But there is no evidence that apple cider vinegar is effective in delaying periods.

#3. Gelatin


An ancient Chinese technique, dissolve one packet of gelatin in a cup of warm water and drink this mixture to help delay your period for about four hours. Repeating this process for up to a week to delay your periods. 

Gelatin is high in glycine, which can help to slow down the transport of estrogen in the body. The scientific research on this remedy is not conclusive.

Side effects – Gastrointestinal issues and bloating if overdose of gelatine

#4. Avoid Spicy Foods

Avoid spicy foods

Spicy foods like chilies, jalapeño peppers and cinnamon are known to capsaicin, which is a chemical that causes the heat to be released and improves blood flow in the uterus, resulting in an early period

So, if you want to postpone your periods, avoid spicy foods a few days before your expected date.

#5. Lemon Juice

freshly squeezed lemon juice

To delay your period naturally, Lemon Juice is rich in vitamin C and acidic in nature, which helps to produce prostaglandins. Prostaglandins are hormones that help to regulate the menstrual cycle. 

But, there is no scientific evidence to support this claim, many people say that lemon juice helps to slow down your menstrual flow. 

When you drink lemon juice regularly, it can help to delay your period. You just need to drink a squeezing few drops of lemon juice in hot water for a few days before your period is supposed to start.

Additionally, lemon juice is a diuretic, which means that it helps the body to get rid of excess water.

#6. Uterus Massage

Uterus Massage

Massaging your stomach with oil helps to reduce menstrual cramps. Some women believe that a uterine massage can delay your period date. 

This technique works best when you seek professional help to ensure that the massage is done properly. But there is no scientific evidence to support these claims. 

#7. Exercise


Excessive Exercise can also help in delaying your period. Research has shown that people with periods who engage in heavy physical activity or exertion in the days before their period starts, can experience a delay in their periods.

This is because exercise helps to increase the level of a hormone called luteinizing hormone (LH) in your body. When LH levels are high, it can trigger ovulation and delay your period. 

A study shows that professional athletes are at risk of developing amenorrhoea or loss of regular cycle because strenuous exercise can affect the hormones.

A few exercise & yoga asana also helps to get periods immediately. You must know the exercises to get periods immediately for opting for the right exercises to delay the periods.


Home remedies to delay your periods may not be harmful than taking drugs or pills. However, it is important to note that postponing your menstrual cycles for too long is not a healthy practice and should not be done frequently.

If you have a medical condition, it is important to consult with your doctor before trying any of these home remedies.

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