Indian Food Diet Chart for 6 Months Baby

Completing the 6 months is one of the biggest milestones in baby’s first year because its time to start semi-solid/ solid foods for the baby after 6 months of exclusive breastfeeding (in some cases, formula feeding). Also, water is introduced to the babies only after the completion of 6 months.

As your baby has completed his six months, it’s a time to introduce weaning foods along with breast milk or formula based milk.

Don’t stop breastfeeding your baby even after starting complete solid food. Breast milk or formula based milk should be the major part of a 6 months baby diet.

Your baby will start showing the signs that he is ready for solid foods. Weaning foods mean first food for baby. Your baby’s first food must be home cooked, soft, pureed or mashed and easy to digest.

How to know your baby is ready for solid foods

  • Your baby is able to sit on a chair with back support.
  • Baby’s head & neck are stable.
  • Baby can open and close the mouth around a spoon.
  • Baby is ready to chew.
  • He is curious and tries to grab & put food in his mouth.
  • Baby is still hungry after breastfeeding/formula feeding & shows interest in food.

Precautions while you are introducing first solid food to baby

  1. Start with fruit pureed, as it’s easy to digest.
  2. Always follow 3 days-wait-rule.
  3. That means you must keep a gap of 3 days between two new foods.
  4. This is the best way to check food allergies in babies.
  5. Stop feeding that particular food in case of food allergy.
  6. Always feed solid food to your baby when he is sitting on a chair or in your lap. Don’t feed solids when your baby is lying on his back.
  7. Don’t add breastmilk or formula milk during cooking, it should not be heated directly on the flame. Add breast milk or formula milk once the food is ready to eat for your baby.
  8. Baby food must be soft, properly cooked and easy to chew.
  9. Start with a very small quantity and slowly increase the portion.
  10. Weaning food must be a single grain food.
  11. Always feed freshly cooked food to your baby.
  12. Do not add salt, sugar, honey to your baby’s food.
  13. Introduce new food when a baby is at home only.
  14. Introducing solid foods can cause constipation in a few babies.
  15. You should be careful about certain foods while giving to your baby before one year.
  16. Don’t feed your baby forcefully. His solid intakes will increase gradually.

Food chart for 6 months baby

3-Days-Rule for Weaning Food

Weaning Food - 3 day rule

Recommended is to introduce the new food in breakfast or Lunch. Avoid giving it in a dinner or bedtime. It will help you to check food allergy or discomfort your baby has after having a particular food.

How Much Food Should Your 6 Months Old Baby Eat

  • Breast milk or formula – 4 to 6 ounces bottle feedings per day.
  • Start introducing solids with one tablespoon. 
  • Gradually increase to 2 to 3 tablespoons. Make sure the consistency of any pureed isn’t too thick.

Foods Which You Can Introduce to Your 6 Months Old Baby

When your baby is 6 months old, you can start to introduce pureed or soft finger foods into their diet. This is an important milestone in their development, as it helps them to learn how to chew and swallow properly.

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing what kind of food to give your baby. Firstly, the food must be soft enough that it can be easily mashed with a fork or crushed between fingers. Secondly, it should be cut into small pieces so that your baby can pick it up and eat it without difficulty.

Here are some examples of pureed or soft finger foods which are suitable for a 6 month old baby.

  • Milk – Breast milk or formula milk. Breast milk is packed with nutrients that are essential for your baby’s development. It also contains antibodies that can help protect your baby from infections and illnesses. Formula milk is man-made and does not have the same antibodies as breast milk, but it is still a nutritious option.
  • Fruits – Fruits such as apples, bananas, peaches, pears, avocado, chikoo are not only a good source of vitamins and minerals but also soluble fibre. This is important for your baby’s digestive system and also prevents constipation. Fruits should be pureed, steamed and mashed before feeding to your 6 months old baby.
  • Vegetables – Well steamed and pureed vegetables like carrots, sweet potato, pumpkin, french beans. You can also try homemade vegetable soup for your baby.
  • Pulses – Pulses soup, especially moong dal ka pani, are a good source of protein, iron and vitamins. Proteins act as a building block for cells which means repair cells and make new ones.
  • Cereals – Homemade single-grain cereals like rice, barley, oats mixed with breastmilk or formula milk.
  • Rice Porridge – Rice porridge is a good source of carbohydrates for energy. You can give broken rice porridge made with breast milk or formula milk.
  • Yogurt –  A good source of protein and calcium, you can give your baby yogurt in pureed form.
baby first foods chart

Weekly Sample Indian Food Diet Chart for 6 Months Baby in 2022

#1. Week 1

You need to follow three days rule strictly in the first week. As you are just introducing new foods along with breast milk or formula milk. So start with a very small quantity. Initially, it’s a complimentary food so feed your baby enough amount of breastmilk or formula milk.

Baby Food Chart - Week 1

#2. Week 2

You have already tested two semi-solid foods for your baby. In the second week, you are going to introduce two new foods to your infant. Let’s explore two new foods for this week.

Baby Food Chart - Week 2

By the end of 2nd week, your infant has been introduced four new baby foods.

Mom Pro Tip: Try to fix baby activity time, sleep time and meal time. Once your baby adopted the schedule, your job will be easy to do.

#3. Week 3

Baby Food Chart - Week 3

By the end of 3rd week, your baby has been introduced 6 new foods. It is possible that your baby doesn’t like certain puree or soup. Don’t feed your baby forcefully. Be patient.

#4. Week 4

Continue giving mashed/pureed foods to your baby in the 4th week also.

Baby Food Chart - Week 4

By the end of 4th week, your baby has been introduced to at least 8 new foods. You can feed food at any time of the day, based on your baby’s schedule.

If your baby likes to have solid in dinner time, then you can feed solid food in the dinner as well.

You can try baby food recipes for your 6-month-old. These nutritious meals are easy to make and are healthy for your baby.

Food Allergies

If your baby has food allergy after having any particular food then stop feeding that food immediately. Consult pediatric and follow instructions.

Common symptoms of food allergies are

  • Running nose
  • Rashes
  • Stomach pain
  • Baby discomfort
  • Cranky baby
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting


This is the just sample food chart based on my personal experience. You can alter the food chart according to your baby’s preferences. Like my daughter loves apple stew more than khichdi or rice, so if your baby like mashed apple than mashed pear then feed him a mashed apple. The purpose of this food chart is to guide you about food schedule and quantity.

You can also follow the 7 to 9 months baby food chart.

Leave a comment if you have any query or doubt related to food chart.

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  1. Hi Neha, thanks for your guidance. I wanted to ask is it safe to give banana and apple for 6-7 months baby in winter or if baby is having cold and also is it safe in evening.

  2. Hello neha.

    My daughter is 6 months old. I found your chart very helpful but was wondering the quantity i need to feed my baby. She is not happy with any food till now and its a chore to feed her.
    I wonder what is a healthy quantity for her as i fear i may be force-feeding her.

  3. Hi Neha, firstly very helpful blog. Especially for new moms like me .
    Are you still actively replying to the queries here.

    If yes then , can you name some seasonal puree like its mid summers and carrot and spinach are out of season so what all other option do we have here..?

  4. Hi Neha,

    Nice and helpful. thanks.. 🙂
    kindly guide me about the gap in time of bedtime and next feed in morning you mentioned..isn’t that too long..or I misunderstood it. I need to kn?ow that as I was wondering how long can be the gap between the two feeds at night for a 6month old.

    • Hello Fai,
      This food chart was about introducing solid foods to your baby diet. Along with it, you will still continue with breastmilk or formula milk as you were giving earlier. I have a younger daughter of 7 months, I feed her milk twice in the night. So, you can do it as per baby’s demand.

  5. Hey neha…thanks for diet chart for the beginners. ..neha my lil one was on exclusive breast feed for 6 months..and now she refuse to take bottle.i have tried expressed milk in bottle ..formula milk…every possible thing…plz suggest as I am working and shortly will have to report back.

    • Procedure to make stewed apple

      Wash & peel an apple.
      Cut it into small pieces.
      Add cubed apple pieces & water into a saucepan and let it get cooked on low flame for 10 minutes.
      When the apple becomes soft in texture, turn off the heat and leave it to cool down.
      You can mash it with spoon or fork & feed to your baby.

      You can refer this article :

  6. Thank you for sharing this very well-made food chart for 6 months old babies. I’ve been using hipp organic formula and supplemented with fruits mainly (apple, banana, peach). Will definitely try your recipes and food chart. I just wish my baby could sleep from 8:15 PM to 8:00 AM 🙂

  7. Thank you so much for this.
    Q) How much quantity to give after 3 days?
    Q2) Do you have a recipe for suji kheer?

    • You can increase the quantity gradually.

      Recipe of Suji Kheer

      1 tsp Suji (Rava)
      1/4 cup Water
      1/4 cup Formula/breastmilk

      Take 1 tsp suji in a saucepan and dry roast it for 5 minutes on low gas flame.
      Now add water and let it cook till it becomes thick in consistency.
      Switch off the gas stove and mix milk into it.
      Serve warm to your baby.

      You can check more recipes here.

  8. hello neha,
    i like all daughter complete 6 month tomorrow..i can start solid food and all recipes are easy to make😊thanks for recipes

    • Just dry roast suji, once it’s completely roasted, add water. Once consistency is thick, switch off the flame. You can add formula milk or breastmilk to make it in semi-consistency.

    • Baby doesn’t need the taste of sweet or salt ingredients. They equally enjoyed blend foods tooo. If you are adding breakmilk or formula milk then the sweetness comes from milk.

      Recipe of Suji Kheer


      1 tsp Suji (Rava)

      1/4 cup Water

      1/4 cup Formula/breastmilk


      Take 1 tsp suji in a saucepan and dry roast it for 5 minutes on low gas flame.
      Now add water and let it cook till it becomes thick in consistency.
      Switch off the gas stove and mix milk into it.
      Serve warm to your baby.

    • Its okay, each child is unique so are their milestones too.

      Let your child reach each milestones by its own, without any push.

    • Lakshman, what do you want to ask? just let your baby sit in your lap in elevated position then feed through bowl and spoon.

  9. Very helpful… quantity is mentioned only for 1 week… how much sud we give in rest weeks. As mentioned no sugar n salt so wat is the reason behind it and wen sud we start giving sugar n salt.

  10. I’m giving food to my 6+month baby but I want to know the quantity after two weeks pl can I add salt to dal water?

  11. daughter is 5 yrs old n is underweight since a baby..she is a picky eater..
    Can u please help me with a food chart for her?

  12. Hi Neha.. my baby is 5and half month. I wish to start with solid food. Gave her kheer 5 to 6 spoons. Can you help me how many times to give cerelac and how to start with solid food. Specially before bed time i want to give her something so that she sleep for long hours as she gets up wvery 2 hours for feed. Thank you

  13. Hi, my baby doesnt like fruit purees or juice. What shall i do? Am giving her cerelac/ragi alternate month for breakfast and khichdi with vegetable for lunch. And 4 times FM.

  14. It’s so helpful but I have a problem mam pls tell me ..dophr me I follow that chart but night me bhi mera baby every 1 hr. Jagta h phr use thoda milk deti hu or bht time lg jati h sulane me kya Kru bar bar jagta h vo har 1 hr me or phr sone me b 1 hr le leta h is trh na uski nind puri Hoti h na meri pls muje btaue m kya Kru pls reply me pls.

  15. On 12 Dec my baby completed six month ,now what we start,and we give him Naan.10 days back we start with cereals. Help us what can we give other things to baby.

  16. Hello mam… My daughter is 6 month one week old.. my mother in law forcely introduce her chhena.. nd rice .. whole night Shee pooped .. how I cured my daughter.. pls help

    • Hello Chitra,
      I can understand your concern well. Poop thing happened because cheena is too heavy for the little one. when we wean our babies from exclusive milk to solid food then we start with easy to digest, light foods like fruits puree, vegetable puree, dal pani, cereals etc.

      You can give her banana, curd with rice, curd, pomegranate juice, ORS solution… you can read more about home remedies here..

  17. Hi Neha.. thanks for above guidelines.
    But I have one query I’m having low milk supply so I’m giving BM wid FM combination. So when can I follow this chart. After completing 6 months or from 6th month?? Would it be ok if I breastfeed 2-3 in 6th month along wid other food???

    • Hello Shwetal,

      You can start following 6 months food chart after the completion of 6 months. Don’t stop breastfeeding your baby even after starting complete solid food. Breast milk or formula based milk should be the major part of a 6 months baby diet.

      • Hi neha mam,
        Your food chart is really helpful to me.
        My daughter will be of 6 months on 20 nov., so along with food, how many times n quantity i can give her water?

        • Hello Shaily,

          Many congratulations on the completion of 6 months of your baby. Initially, just offer 2-3 spoons of water in one go, offer her after every meal and snack. If you think, she needs more water then offer it after 1-2 hours. Like in India, its winters so don’t need much water. As she will grow then you can give her water in sipper to play and drink by herself.

  18. Hi Neha, thank you for the wonderful article, I have a question , my baby just entered her 7th month, can I feed cooked and mashed rice with little water sips in between?

  19. I started feeding my baby cerelac (by doctor advise )when he was 5 months old because my breast milk was not sufficient for him at first he was easy to feed.
    3 times a day we feed him but later on he doesn’t take it properly and whenever we feed him he had nausea tendency and sometimes he vomit so do I need to stop him feed or what shall I do he doesnt like feeding bottle /formula milk at all he will be 6 months on 27 august plis I need your help

    • Hello,

      As your baby is 6 months old now, you can start offering fruits puree, moong dal soup, different types of cereal, stewed apple, ragi. Sometimes it happen that you may be feeding much quantity more then in that case, vomit and nausea can happen. Don’t force feed/ overfeed a baby. Do tummy time with him. Gently massage his body with oil. Let baby does leg cycling exercise daily.

      Its okay if baby doesnt like formula milk, now breastfeed in between. Offer more variety of foods.

    • Hello Khushboo,

      How old your baby is?

      Usually after six months onwards, you can start giving it to your baby. but start with a very small portion. When your baby completed his first 6 months, you can start with fruit puree or steam and mashed vegetables first.. After that, start with khichdi and cereals.

  20. Thank you! The charts are amazing, I just got some inspiration.
    My little one is a little over 6 months and he already dried banana and carrot puree. So far, he liked both of it. Also, we slowly introduced HiPP’s follow-on milk, because I have to get back to work in a few weeks. It was an easy transition, but the last breastfeeding session comes closer and I get a little bit sentimental. He will be fine on the follow-on milk it’s fortified with vitamins and iron. If you’re interested you can find everything around nutrition and organic infant products on
    Do you have some tips on what to introduce next to my little one?
    All the best,


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